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Schools and Organisations directly associated with Wee Kee-Jin

Other Huang Sheng-Shyan Schools

  • Aotearoa Tai Chi Tai Chi School founded by Patrick Kelly and continued by his senior students. Site maintained by John Carter.
  • No Name Taiji Patrick Kelly's traditional Taiji training for development of inner strength and harmony through concentration, co-ordination and relaxation of mind, energy and body.
  • Sing Ong Tai Chi Tai Chi organisation based in Auckland New Zealand, named after Master Yek Sing Ong.
  • Tai-chi Works Sydney, Principal instructor Tony Ward
  • Sydney School of Tai Chi Patrick Kelly's student Robin runs this school in Sydney Australia
  • SMART Health Centre in Sarawak East Malaysia, founded by James Lau K. King
  • Taiji Huang Shenzen in China, founded by Huang Rei, the granddaughter of Master Huang Sheng Shyan.