Taijiquan is an 'Art', an ongoing process of refinement, that should never be thought of as mastered.


TAIJIQUAN SCHOOL OF CENTRAL EQUILIBRIUM offers an opportunity to explore the harmony within all movement, leading to deepened sensitivity, the development of internal energy and the ability to deal  with external forces.

Taiji might get called as "Meditation in Motion", "Daoist Principles in Practise", a "Moving Yoga", or as a "Chinese Soft Style Martial Art".  However no one description  represents the whole Art, all should be included to be considered Taijiquan. 

Whether being practised as a healthy exercise or in a self defence situation, relaxation is the fundamental basis.

Regardless of style,  lineage or teacher, adhering to the 'Principles' as presented in the 'Classics' ensures that the Art will continue to remain true to the original and still evolve further.


Taiji is based upon relaxation of body and mind. The quiet and gentle nature of the exercise overcomes stress and its related illnesses. Other benefits include improved blood circulation, better posture and alignment, and a strengthened immune system. All contributing to greater quality of life and likely quantity.


The only requirements for Taiji are patience and perseverance, it is equally suitable for young and old, men and women. 


Taiji can be continued as a life long practice.