NZ Residential - Camp 2021

 From 4th January to 29st January 2021Jin will provide intensive training for visiting students from Europe, North America and Australia. 


Originally one or two per year, the demand has now grown to the point where the family can no longer accommodate the visitors, so arrangements have been made a local scouts camp (Motu Moana) to host the event.



Places are limited, and it is a requirement that students have attended at least two workshops. Prebooking is essential, so please register before the 1st November 2020 (Confirmation of booking only provided once NZ$400 deposit received).


Facilities are very basic, but the qualtiy of tuition and pleasant location easily makes up for it.

Accommodation: As the Scout camp no longer allow mobile cabin in the camp, for accommodation students can go to the AirB&B site to book for accommodations. It is advisable to book your accommodation earlier as it is a summer holiday period in New Zealand. Look for accommodation around Blockhouse Bay, New Lynn, Green Bay and Titirangi suburb in Auckland.


Training Schedule:

Monday to Friday
6:00 - 7:30am: Free Pushing
7:30 - 10:00am
: Form practise with individual corrections
4:00 - 6:00pm: Pushing-Hands  

4 weeks of training


Flights (not included in cost):
Try to arrive one or two days before the course. Send an email to Jin at

to register for the  residential course