The Taiji Form regardless of what style, was created as a means to train moving in a synchronized and harmonious Taiji way. During Pushing-hands we extend the practise of synchronized movement to include when being effected by an external force. When we can synchronize all the physical (external) and mental (internal) movements in our daily life, we will no longer be restricted or imprisoned by the Taiji Form, because then the Form will have become formless.

Important Points


Master Huang was a renowned practitioner, but it was as a teacher that he most stood out. He developed exercises and a systemised training method that recognised the stages of a student’s development.

Taiji Journey


There is alot of conjecture about the origin of Taiji, there are few facts and many legends. What is undisputable though, is that Taijiquan has continued to evolve as a very effective martial art and exercise over the centuries of its history. 





In Taijiquan, we must know the direction we want to head in, then focus on the process not the result. Practising the right process will take you to where you want to go. Even knowing and preaching the Taijiquan ‘classics’ will not amount to anything, if you don't practise it.




Grandmaster Huang's 5 relaxing exercises are an education in themselves. Although we introduce them all in the first year, they are generally only comprehended externally, while the internal processes are experienced later.



Corresponding to the emphasis within the respective relaxing exercises the same points are focussed on in the Form practise.



Taijiquan is not simply relaxing, sinking and being grounded. It is about developing; the right structure; the right sequence of movements to connect the structure; the right timing of the movements; and the mind awareness (Yi) to travel through the movements.


A structure without the sequence of movements is like an electrical cable without the copper wire inside the plastic tube. Without the mind awareness (Yi) even the correct structure with the right sequence and timing of the movements, is like the wire not having a current passing through it.




Master Huang Sheng-Shyan once suggested that a student should be prepared to look over the mountain for a good teacher, and a teacher should be willing to travel the oceans for a good student". Both efforts reflect a good attitude.

20 Important Points


For the Taijiquan Form and Qi cultivation 
Master Huang Sheng-Shyan referred to 20 points:...