Lineage of the School

The Taijiquan practised at the School of Central Equilibrium is Yang style. It derives from the Chen Family Art that can be traced  back to the 16th century.


Cheng Man-Ch'ing's 37 Step Form, is the basis for a number of years, with Yang Cheng-Fu's 108 step being taught at a later stage, along with the weapons of sword,  spear, sabre and staff.


Wee Kee-Jin
(1956 -  )
Lived and studied full time with Master Huang from 1983-1988, one of only four students to have had the opportunity. 
Immigrated to New Zealand in 1991.
In ongoing demand for workshops throughout 
Europe and Australasia for his open approach to teaching.


Huang Sheng-Shyan
 (1910 - 1992)
Originally famed as the "Young Hero"
in his home province of Fujiau 
for his White Crane.
Following 10 years discipiled to Great Grandmaster Cheng
moved to Singapore then Malaysia.
Founder of Singapore Tai Chi Association 
and over 30 schools throughout South-east Asia.


Cheng Man-Ch'ing
(1900 - 1975)
Affectionately known as the Professor, 
Master of the Five Excellences: 
Taijiquan, painting, calligraphy, poetry and medicine. Abbreviated a form to 37 postures.


Yang Cheng-Fu
(1883 - 1936)
3rd son of Yang Jien-Hou, 
renowned for his "Big Style" 
with extended movements, 
popularly established world-wide.


Yang Jien-Hou
(1839 - 1917)
3rd son of Yang Lu-Chan 
modified the form into the "Middle Style"


Yang Lu-Chan
(1799 - 1872)
First outsider to learn the Chen family Art. 
Founder of Yang Style, 
nicknamed "Yang the Invincible"

Chen Chang-Xing
(1771 - 1853)
14th generation Chen family
Oldest known Form attributed to him


Chen Ping-Wang


Chen Wang-Ting
(1597 - 1644)
9th generation Chen clan.
Founder of 7 different routines, 
His 74 posture Form referred to as "Old Family Set".